Monday, 4 May 2009

St Jude

The Album consists of 12 tracks
  1. Aftershow
  2. Cavorting
  3. Bide Your Time
  4. What Took You So Long?
  5. Please Don't
  6. If It Wasn't For Me
  7. No You Didn't, No You Don't
  8. How Come
  9. Kings Of The New Road
  10. Not Nineteen Forever
  11. Fallowfield Hillbilly
  12. Yesterday, Today
Fantastic debut album and is one of the first that competes with whatever people say I am thats what i'm not by the Arctic Monkeys. Before the album was released, you could download the tracks off limewire which were the first recordings (demos) and some of them sound better than the actual album versions for example What took you so long is definitely one of the tracks that I prefer. Just From it sounding purely more raw and grungier. Liam Fray could be the next Noel for me, but will the band be able to produce a second dazzling album? or even 7 albums? The Courteeners have an exciting friggin future a head of them. I find it brilliant that Fray was a student at Salford Uni studying CreativeWriting and he blew that off to start a band which was obviously the best decision of his life and now he's in one of Britains coolest bands who have an Oasis like swagger. People who I've asked about the album especially my friends, said they were blown away by it because every tracks quality! With the combination of his lyrics and exceedingly good guitar riffs Fray is a freakin fantastic frontman! Just like Muse and many others, listening to The Courteeners live is like listening to their album in your frontroom apart from the fact your frontroom is a 100 times as big full of people sweating, singing and cheering all around you! This site is well worth checking out and very interesting to compare all the peoples views on their Album...For example people slagging them off and their reasons, slagging fray off and their reasons, comparisons between the enemy and their debut album as its pure opinion from the people! I find it funny how people say their not good this is because those people would not have a cat in hells chance of writing any songs themselves that are as catchy as Fray's.
After watching some interviews on youtube I think its clear that the band don't like being compared being similar to oasis because they say we don't sound like them which is true but obviously they've been a big influence. Every ones got an opinion but if John Squire and Morrisey are tipping these lads of for huge success its true! They've bin there and done it themselves and experienced it all...