Tuesday, 15 December 2009


This is me doing the intro to many of horror by biffy clyro. Thought I'd record myself and stick it up for a bit of fun, it doesn't sound to bad. It's a fantastic song, beautiful lyrics and a great melody.

Monday, 4 May 2009

St Jude

The Album consists of 12 tracks
  1. Aftershow
  2. Cavorting
  3. Bide Your Time
  4. What Took You So Long?
  5. Please Don't
  6. If It Wasn't For Me
  7. No You Didn't, No You Don't
  8. How Come
  9. Kings Of The New Road
  10. Not Nineteen Forever
  11. Fallowfield Hillbilly
  12. Yesterday, Today
Fantastic debut album and is one of the first that competes with whatever people say I am thats what i'm not by the Arctic Monkeys. Before the album was released, you could download the tracks off limewire which were the first recordings (demos) and some of them sound better than the actual album versions for example What took you so long is definitely one of the tracks that I prefer. Just From it sounding purely more raw and grungier. Liam Fray could be the next Noel for me, but will the band be able to produce a second dazzling album? or even 7 albums? The Courteeners have an exciting friggin future a head of them. I find it brilliant that Fray was a student at Salford Uni studying CreativeWriting and he blew that off to start a band which was obviously the best decision of his life and now he's in one of Britains coolest bands who have an Oasis like swagger. People who I've asked about the album especially my friends, said they were blown away by it because every tracks quality! With the combination of his lyrics and exceedingly good guitar riffs Fray is a freakin fantastic frontman! Just like Muse and many others, listening to The Courteeners live is like listening to their album in your frontroom apart from the fact your frontroom is a 100 times as big full of people sweating, singing and cheering all around you! This site is well worth checking out http://www.nme.com/reviews/the-courteeners/9599 and very interesting to compare all the peoples views on their Album...For example people slagging them off and their reasons, slagging fray off and their reasons, comparisons between the enemy and their debut album as its pure opinion from the people! I find it funny how people say their not good this is because those people would not have a cat in hells chance of writing any songs themselves that are as catchy as Fray's.
After watching some interviews on youtube I think its clear that the band don't like being compared being similar to oasis because they say we don't sound like them which is true but obviously they've been a big influence. Every ones got an opinion but if John Squire and Morrisey are tipping these lads of for huge success its true! They've bin there and done it themselves and experienced it all...

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Courteeners carrying on the legacy

You may of heard of them or maybe not but the courteeners are the new Manc messiahs.

 The four piece band was formed by Liam fray (Lead vocals/Guitar) with Mark Cuppello (Bass) Daniel Conan Moores (Guitar) and Michael Campbell (Drums) all from the town of Middleton. The bands first gig was in October 2006 at Manchester Roadhouse. The lads first single was 'cavorting' in August 2007 and was followed up with their second being 'Acrylic' in October. Seen as though their first gig was in 2006, the amount of success they've had is unbelievible and are now touring the U.S! Producing a debut album with such quality as St Jude, you know your going to be one of the greats! the album has some very good and strong songs to offer so listen to it!

These are some of the Bands inluences; The Jam, Fred Done, James, Is This It, Anthony Burgess, Interpol, Bootle Street, The Beans, The Kills, Purple Hearts, The Kinks, Stephen Fretwell, The Masterplan, Iggy and The Stooges
The Smiths, John, Paul, George, Ringo, Cantona, pens, paper, Billy Liar, The Walkmen , Wigan Casino, Ms. Hepburn, The Cribs, The Oxford English Dictionary, Yeah Yeah Yeahs,

Not Nineteen Forever

This song is absolute class and super cool but I don't think it quite competes with supersonic If you don't like either of these songs don't come on my blog!!!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Oldhams Best Castle.

Local Pub The Castle, is Oldhams best known live music venue with a fantastic variety of nights to offer!

These are the main categories of music which are played here... Indie Rock and Roll/Punk /Alternative Sounds/Garage Rock/Electro/Rock/Art Rock/Baggy/Funk/Nu-Rave/Metal/Grunge/Rockabilly/Country/Dance/Emo.

It can be found on Union street bang on in the middle of the town exactly six miles from Manchester City Centre. The humble venue has been graced with some of the most reknown bands today from Oasis, Stone Roses, Inspiral carpets, Babyshambles, The Young Knives, The Bluetones, The Smiths, The Enemy and Kasabian. With the stage being on the dancefloor, you can really get involved with the acts and appreciate them lots more! The venue attracts an alternative crowd which always gives it a good atmosphere. A small venue like this which has had some of the biggest bands play here when they were just starting off which makes you feel proud to be there! and where your having a night in there with your mates playing their music years on, its special stuff. Can't wait to sort a band and play there!

One of the most recent acts who are becoming successful by the minute are The Courteeners.
Just like the greats, the courteeners are being heard all over the UK and are one of the coolest out have played at the castle before they made it big! "A Courteeners gig is a place where people feel like they can lose their inhibitions," says the band's frontman Liam Fray, between gulps of cider in Oldham Street boozer The Castle
Its open from 10pm till 3am with full bar until 3am every thursday till 2am, Friday & Saturday till 3am with live acts everynight. The Castle has a capacity fitting up to 450 people plus 275 being the live capacity + a second room with dj's with a lounge area overlooking an enclosed 2 terrace gardens both front & back. Thursdays is free entry and 1.50 for drinks

This is a list of the upcoming shows the venue will be hosting..

23 Apr 2009 21:00 Acoustic Lounge: Peter Walsh+Chuck Farthing+Matty

24 Apr 2009 22:00 The Luarals+ Mistaken For Strangers

25 Apr 2009 22:00 60s Night+with bands+ Djs playing the best in Motown/Mod/Garage Rock

30 Apr 2009 21:00 Acoustic Lounge: Phil Davis + Acts TBA

1 May 2009 22:00 Cellardoors+ The Scures

2 May 2009 22:00 Dandelion Radio present The Kayas + Supports Bank Holiday Special

3 May 2009 22:00 Land + The Domino State acoustic

7 May 2009 21:00 Acoustic Lounge: Ben Corry + 3 Acts

8 May 2009 22:00 The Tides + Hacienda (Italian band)

9 May 2009 22:00 Manchester Music present: Slowreaders + Chuck Farthing

14 May 2009 21:00 Acoustic Lounge

15 May 2009 22:00 Rifle Fire Rifle + Little Avis

16 May 2009 23:00 Rude

21 May 2009 21:00 Acoustic Lounge

22 May 2009 22:00 Dead Threat Casette + Drink 'N Drive

23 May 2009 22:00 BIG RED present: Hard Luck Child + The Vipers + Black Knights

28 May 2009 21:00 Acoustic Lounge

29 May 2009 22:00 Hyperjax + Support

30 May 2009 22:00 60's Night + Club Night + Bands

Spoilt for choice there with a superb selection of events!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Best Venues for Gigs!

Manchester is full of vibrant venues who show kick ass gigs all the time and these are some of the most popular to visit..

Academy 1,2 and 3 are located on the University campus, opposite the
medical school, Holy Name church and Manchester University union
Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9PR

Some Bands which I like who have played here are The Doves, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Uncle Rotter, Sonic Boom, Kasabian, The View, Twisted Wheel, Lenny Kravitz, Gomez, The White Lies, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead who are worth checking out on Myspace. There from Austin, Texas and have a good sound I watched them in 2006 when they supported Audioslave at the MEN with my paps

Apollo Theatre is located on Stockport Rd, Ardwick Green. Originally built as a cinema in 1930 the listed building holds a capacity of 3,500. Some of the upcoming
gigs here are; The Specials, James Morrison, Jeff Beck, Motorhead, Staus Quo, Deep purple and Jools Holland.

Satans Hollow, 101 Princess street Central Manchester. It has a good atmosphere and a DJ that plays a variety of alternative/rock/metal with a mix of the both past & present. The bands that play here are a mix of quality local bands.
Cheap night and trendy venue

MEN arena, M.E.N. Arena Victoria Station Manchester M3 1AR
The seating capacity of the venue is flexible for an indoor venue due to its layout and design, it was opened on the 15th of July in 1995.

Some of the big acts playing here are; The Killers, Prodigy, AC/DC, Eric Clapton, Razorlight, KOL, Blur, The Eagles and UB40. The venue holds up to 3,000-21,000 and is has an Breathtaking atmosphere!

The Ritz, Some of the gigs lined up here are; The Rifles who are brilliant, PJ Harvey, Starsailor and Breakthru. The venue is located on Whitworth Street, West Manchester M1 5NQ.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Naughtys!


The Naughtys

Stretford band 'The Naughtys' have been playing together for ten years who started of as a school band and are definately worth checking out.

Becoming more popular in the Manchester new-band scene by playing at venues such as the academy and Ruby lounge they've been described as Ska-Reggae.

The band were brought up on Ska music from an early age and main influences are: The Who, The Specials, The Beatles, Stone Roses, Johnny Cash, Madness, The Jam (Paul Weller), Rolling Stones, The Smiths, Ray Charles, The Doors The Kinks and Happy Mondays.

Band members are John Bailey (Lead Singer) David Beaven (Bass Guitar) Mike Fletcher (Drums) and Lee Cole (Guitar).
After speaking to Dangerous Dave Painter, a friend and the bands live gig recorder said that the boys are taking a few months out and will be returning straight after for some ass kicking gigs!