Sunday, 26 April 2009

Courteeners carrying on the legacy

You may of heard of them or maybe not but the courteeners are the new Manc messiahs.

 The four piece band was formed by Liam fray (Lead vocals/Guitar) with Mark Cuppello (Bass) Daniel Conan Moores (Guitar) and Michael Campbell (Drums) all from the town of Middleton. The bands first gig was in October 2006 at Manchester Roadhouse. The lads first single was 'cavorting' in August 2007 and was followed up with their second being 'Acrylic' in October. Seen as though their first gig was in 2006, the amount of success they've had is unbelievible and are now touring the U.S! Producing a debut album with such quality as St Jude, you know your going to be one of the greats! the album has some very good and strong songs to offer so listen to it!

These are some of the Bands inluences; The Jam, Fred Done, James, Is This It, Anthony Burgess, Interpol, Bootle Street, The Beans, The Kills, Purple Hearts, The Kinks, Stephen Fretwell, The Masterplan, Iggy and The Stooges
The Smiths, John, Paul, George, Ringo, Cantona, pens, paper, Billy Liar, The Walkmen , Wigan Casino, Ms. Hepburn, The Cribs, The Oxford English Dictionary, Yeah Yeah Yeahs,

Not Nineteen Forever

This song is absolute class and super cool but I don't think it quite competes with supersonic If you don't like either of these songs don't come on my blog!!!

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