Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Interviews- Dave & Steve

My interviewees are david, someone who is familiar with Manchester as he grew up when the 'Madchester' scene was sparked and has seen it evolve ever since.

Steve is my age and has a similar music taste and also plays guitar, a red Epiphone and it sounds good.

Both of these know their music and my goal was to ask them my questions;

1. Over the last two decades who do you think has been the most influential band or bands from Manchester?
2. What do you think they’ve brought to the city?
3. Do you think it’s important for a city to have a popular music background?
4. How do you think the genre of Brit rock has progressed over the last two decades to now?
5. I play guitar myself and believe globally, music is popular now more than ever and that its making more people play the guitar what do you think?

and get fairly decent responses in which I did. After listening to them both, I thought should a theme be introduced to the package Eg younger generation vs older generation But that sounds a slightly daft so I just lef it.

It will be posted on in the next couple of days!

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